Greg Verdino at MarketingProfs B2B Forum

Greg Verdino is up in Boston at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum this morning with another great presentation on where the future is moving.  The deck is pretty self-promotional for himself and crayon but nothing wrong with that when you are a small business.  I just wish he enabled the ability to download the deck on SlideShare.  I never understand why people don’t enable that feature!


3 Responses to Greg Verdino at MarketingProfs B2B Forum

  1. Greg Verdino says:

    Hey Dave – Thanks for embedding the slides. The presentation isn’t all that self-promotional – the GV/crayon bits upfront go QUICK (maybe 5 minutes start to finish and are mostly geared around showing how we personally use the technologies I’m about to talk about) and the closing ‘case study’ when presented properly actually makes the stuff that came before very tangible for the audience (here’s how even a schmuck like me at a five person company was able to use the principles I’ve just laid out to get nice press and land big clients.)

    As far as the downloads thing goes, I always struggle with that, to tell you the truth. But practically speaking (1) I use this deck and others like it for paid speaking gigs – as much as I believe in open CC-style sharing, a boy’s gotta eat and I need to be careful about making it too easy for someone else to replicate my presentations; (2) most of the images in my presentations are licensed stock photography and protected under copyright – so legally I don’t even know if I can make them available in a re-usable format.


  2. Dave Knox says:

    Hey Greg – Glad you found the presentation here on Hard Knox Life. I actually love the connection you point out of proof in concept. Its great and I really respect what crayon is doing. just wanted to give you a little jab 🙂

    As for the slides, I understand the debate on downloads vs not. The reason I favor them is that I love keeping records of best in class presentations…both for learning and personal inspriation when I am creating my own presentations. I keep a folder of presentations that i consider best in class and yours would make that cut. I can save them as favorites on SlideShare as well but I find I go back to the presentations on my physical harddrive more than online. Just personal style of working.

  3. Greg Verdino says:

    Fair point, Dave. I wonder if making them downloadable in PDF form is a good middle ground.

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