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Dave Knox – Short Bio:

Dave is a different type of marketer: a classically trained CPG Brand Manager who also wears the hat of connector, technologist, and digital native.  He strives to be a “Marketing Technopologist”, a term that the Wall Street Journal coined to describe a person who brings together stregnths in marketing, technology and social interaction.

Currently, Dave is a Brand Manager in Digital Marketing at a major Consumer Packaged Goods company.  He is also active in the marketing industry, serving on the National Council of Pi Sigma Epsilon, the Advisory Board for Brandweek’s “What Teens Want”, and as a speaker at conferences such as the Web 2.0 Summit, IEG Sponsorship and 212 Interactive.  Dave received a B.S. in in Business Administration from Miami University with a focus on Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Dave can be reached through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  Or check out his MeeID for more information.

About Hard Knox Life:

Hard Knox Life is a Brand Manager’s view at the crossroads of marketing, media and technology.  It is written by Dave Knox, a classically trained CPG Brand Manager.  It serves as a dialogue on the changing landscape that marketers are faced with today.   Hard Knox Life covers areas such as:

  • Brand Management & Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing, including Social Media & Interactive Media
  • Teen & Youth Marketing
  • E-Commerce / Shopper & In-Store Marketing
  • Branded Entertainment & Public Relations
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    10 Responses to About Hard Knox Life

    1. Paul Germo says:

      Dave I saw your profile on linkedin and am impressed by what you have to say here in your blog!

      You have a very well rounded Brand development knowledge base. Keep up the great insights you are sharing to we who are lone biz owners.

      thank you
      germo9@msn.com open to linkedin invites.

    2. Dave Knox says:

      Thanks for the kind words Paul. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and if you ever need any help, please let me know.

    3. Dave,
      Very good idea — and very well executed.
      Richard Ellis

    4. Vincent Chan says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks so much for writing this blog. Honestly, I have been looking for a blog written by a P&G’s brand manager for 2-3 years already. I am so excited when I saw this blog. Keep up the good works! Again, Thanks a lot.

      p.s. do you mind adding me in your linkedin network? Thanks.

    5. AK Cabell says:

      Hi Dave,

      I love your posts, very insightful. Funny thing about Starbucks, isn’t it? I will be interviewing Starbucks former VP of Corporate Social Responsiblity soon for Brandchannel.com career profile.

      Would love to talk with you sometime for a possible interview (pretty please?).

      Also, stop by new blog sometime when you have a moment. I’m still in set-up stage/mode but it’s coming along.


    6. Jina Kiem says:

      Dave: This is a very progressive-minded marketing blog which I will share with all my friends and colleagues in the world of advertising. Once again, it proves that smart P&Gers (the client!) are often more forward-thinking than the agencies!

    7. Graham Brown says:

      Hi Dave
      Thanks for the mobileYouth plug on your roundup. I read your post on Starbucks with enthusiasm and also your comments on Godin’s thoughts. Keep up the good work. Pls drop me an email – would like to talk about collaboration to mutual benefit on blogs etc.
      Graham Brown, author mobileYouth.org

    8. Penny says:

      Hi Dave:

      I came across with your blog accidentally. I am hooked. I enjoy reading your posts.

      As a marketer myself, I found your posts very insightful.

      Please keep up with your good work.

      Thank you!

    9. Dave Jackson says:


      Great insights and love the presentation.

      You sure are looking like a marketing entrepreneur to me.

      Keep pushing folks forward.


    10. admark says:

      Came here via Jeremiah Owyang’s tweet. Am really excited to find a blog of a digital branding strategist and will look forward to finish up all your posts soon.
      Much excitement awaits I guess.

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