Why design should matter for Brand Managers

October 28, 2008

Thanks to Chris Brogan, I stumbled across this amazing presentation on the importance of design.  Over the past several years, design has emerged as a powerful force at P&G.  This presentation does a great job capturing why design is an important element for every Brand Manager to consider.

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4 Reasons Digital Matters to Your Brand

October 15, 2008
Courtesy of Will Lion on Flickr

Courtesy of Will Lion on Flickr

It continues to amaze me how many brands do not invest in digital, choosing instead to stay with the safety of traditional mass media (ie TV and print).  When asked why, you will hear a lot of different answers, but none that haven’t been proven wrong time and time again.  Digital is measurable.  Digital can provide solid ROI.  Digital can drive trial and awareness.

But if you are still struggling with justifying your digital investment, I think there are 4 important reasons digital should matter to your brand:

  1. Digital enables relationships and community
  2. Digital tells a story around your brand
  3. Digital is a key part of an integrated campaign
  4. Digital builds brand equities in new ways

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Why the Digital Shopping Experience should matter to Brand Managers

October 9, 2008

Digital has emerged as a dramatic influence of both online AND offline purchases over the past year according to Resource Interactive.  In an extremely engaging and though provoking presentation on the importance of the Digital Shopping Experience, Resource outlines what brands needs to pay attention to in this channel.  They also go into deeper detail in the White Paper they wrote for Shop.org that went along with this presentation.  Both are worth spending some time with.

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The web is buzzing about personal branding

September 9, 2008

Personal Branding seems to be the “it” topic of the week.  You have Chris Brogan writing a free ebook on Personal Branding for the Business Professional. Then Dan Schawbel is talking about pitching to journalists using your personal brand.  Now David Armano adds his upcoming presentation to the Chicago New Media Summit entitled “Brand U.0”.

As a branding professional, this buzz about personal branding intrigues me.  I know it’s not a new topic by any means, but it is surprising how few people think about it (including me).  I think I need to spend some time mulling this one over…

Mobile Marketing 101 from Deepspace Mobile

August 17, 2008

Paul Isakson once again provides a stellar presentation on What’s Next in Marketing…this time focusing on the topic of Mobile Marketing.  His agency space150 recently hosted a small event called Deepspace Mobile that took a look at the ever-evolving … and always Next Big Thing … topic of mobile marketing.  If you are looking for a quick way to get up to speed on the subject, check out the presentation below or view all them from Deepspace Mobile.

Young people are weird: A lesson on how to build lasting youth brands

July 29, 2008

Graham over at Mobile Youth pointed the way to a solid presentation on “Building Lasting Youth Brands”.  The presentation included three key lessons:

  1. Base your brand on an enduring truth about young people
  2. Keep changing to stay relevant (and “aim off” to avoid becoming dated)
  3. Be where they are but don’t confused the delivery with the message

Do you know What Teens Want?

June 27, 2008

At BrandWeek’s “What Teens Want” Conference, my friend Tina Wells from Buzz Marketing Group just did a great presentation on teen trends.  In the presentation she covers what’s hot in music and technology, while also giving a comparison on why The Hills is performing better than Gossip Girls with teens.  Most interesting to me were the 6 key teen trends she highlighted including:

  • Wharholism: Teens & their 15 minutes of fame
  • Massclusivity: Teens want exclusive products designed for the masses
  • Technoholics: Youth thrive off new technology
  • Global Mobiles: Teens are globally connected, while the world is big & portable
  • Insta-Messengers:  Teens consumer content instaneously and want immediate communication
  • Transculturism: Merging and converging of cultures