Lessons in Charitable Giving and Cause Marketing for Digital Millennials

December 19, 2008

Great presentation from the folks at Resource Interactive on how Millenials approach the concept of helping others.  As Brand Managers think about cause marketing programs, they should consider these facts:

  • 87% of Millennials (defined as 16-29) agree that  my priority is to look after my family, charity begins at home.
  • 50% of Millennials agree that regularly donating your time to help others in need is a sign of success and accomplishment.*
  • There are four types of Millenials when it comes to their views on “giving”: 1.) Consistent Givers, 2.) Uber Givers, 3.) Not There Yet, & 4.) Spirit Givers
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Why the Digital Shopping Experience should matter to Brand Managers

October 9, 2008

Digital has emerged as a dramatic influence of both online AND offline purchases over the past year according to Resource Interactive.  In an extremely engaging and though provoking presentation on the importance of the Digital Shopping Experience, Resource outlines what brands needs to pay attention to in this channel.  They also go into deeper detail in the White Paper they wrote for Shop.org that went along with this presentation.  Both are worth spending some time with.

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Review: The Open Brand

April 14, 2008

When Push Comes to Pull in a Web-Made WorldLast week, the good folks at Resource Interactive sent me a copy of The Open Brand, a new book written by Kelly Mooney, President of Resource.   I first met the agency when they previewed their Digital Millenialsstudy to the Teen Expert Network (TeEN) at P&G last year.  I’ve always been extremely impressed with their work, so I was really excited to read what they had to say in The Open Brand.   After finishing the book over the weekend, I can say that they didnt disappoint in this great, quick read. Read the rest of this entry »