Gas mileage be damned… I want the Halo-inspired Hummer HX Concept

September 18, 2008
Hummer HX Concept SUV

Hummer HX Concept SUV - The Halo Warthog brought to life

If you haven’t seen the Hummer HX Concept SUV before, you need to check this beast out.  I’m not a huge car guy but I want this thing.  It’s basically a real life version of the Warthog from my favorite video-game Halo.  Yeah thats a geek thing to say, but come on.

Ok, back to your regularly scheduled marketing, media and technology programming.


Microsoft makes things right

March 24, 2008

So apparently I am little slow on picking this up, but xbox 360 bottomI heard about the story of Nathaniel, a passionate Xbox gamer who suffered a serious loss when he sent his Xbox 360 into Microsoft for repair.  You can read the whole story here, including the amazing response by Bungie Studios (Makers of Halo) and the equally cool response by Microsoft.  The short of it is that Microsoft suffered a major breakdown in Customer Service 101 by making a promise and then not living it up to it.  However, thanks to the power of blogs and the connected economy, they redeemed themselves and then some.

Now this story really rang true to me because of my own bad experience with Microsoft customer support.  Read the rest of this entry »