Brands I Love: Adidas – Impossible is Nothing

March 22, 2008

When I was growing up, soccer was my Ali_Impossible_Is_Nothingsport of choice despite the fact I lived in the very football crazy town of Canton, Ohio (home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame).  I started playing when I was six years old and since that time, Adidas has been one of my favorite brands.  In the early years, the brand served as a statement for us soccer players because Adidas was a soccer brand.  It was a way to show the world (or at that time, the school) who we were and what we were about.  In that sense, I loved my Adidas Samba shoes and today I’m probably on my 15th pair of them.  Adidas has, and always will be, a lovemark for me.

That lovemark status helps drive my infatuation with their “Impossible Is Nothing” campaign.  In fact, I have a picture of the campaign hanging behind my desk at work to serve as everyday inspiration.  What I find interesting is the contrast behind Nike and Adidas.  Both are extremely successful companies and both have amazing marketing (possibly two of the best in the world).  But why is Nike just a brand I respect while Adidas is a brand I love?  Read the rest of this entry »


Damn I wish I thought of that

March 4, 2008

adidasSometimes you read something and just slap yourself for not thinking of it first.  Wants for Sales is simple, brilliant and so ballsy that I can’t help but admire them while being insanely jealous at the same time.   The premise is simple:  They want something so they paint a picture of it.  Then they sell that picture for the exact price of the thing they want (Custom Adidas shoes for $125 or Mets Tickets for $597.50).  Then we buy the painting and they get the item in the painting (with a picture proving they bought it).  Just frickin brilliant.