Building a Brand that Matters

Web 2.0 Summit 2008 Day One - Tony Hsieh of Za...

Image by b_d_solis via Flickr

Last week at the Web 2.0 Summit, Tony Hsieh gave a stellar presentation that detailed how the brand has been built into the company that it is today.  As always, Tony amazed me with his openness.  For instance, not only did he offer to give a tour of their Las Vegas office to anyone that was interested, but he also offered to send a free copy of the company Culture Book to all that emailed him.  How many CEO’s of a billion dollar company would make those types of offers?

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3 Responses to Building a Brand that Matters

  1. Paul says:

    hi Dave, stumbled onto your blog. Like it a lot. Will subscribe. I haven’t found many good blogs from marketing folk that are client side (like myself). Good to see.


  2. Dave Knox says:

    Paul – Glad you found the blog and enjoy it. I’m checking out yours as well. Us Client Side marketers/brand managers are in the minority for sure

  3. admark says:

    Well the last line about the million dollar company is very true, I had pointed out few spelling mistakes in a Zappos site and to my utter surprise found Tony following me on twitter and responded to the mistakes and got it corrected. Well more power to him, I say.

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