Digital Hub Initiative brings a “non-conference” conference to Cincinnati

Last week, I came across an interesting effort from the AdClub Cincinnati called the Digital Hub Initiative.  The Digital Hub Initiative (DHI) is an independent organization whose goal is to promote Cincinnati’s digital community on all levels.  With my new role at P&G and my personal passion about the potential of Cincinnati, I was really excited to see this program.  Cincinnati played a tremendous role in advertising in the 20th Century and I think we can play that same role for Digital Marketing in the 21st Century.  Doing so will start with initiatives like DHI.

The Digital Hub Initiative is kicking off their work with a “Non-Conference” conference on November 14 – 15 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Cincinnati.  I think the idea is brilliant as they are aiming to combine top-notch speakers with a dose of real social networking (otherwise known as a Friday night bar crawl).  Speakers include Pete Blackshaw from Nielsen Online, Benjamin Palmer from Barbarian Group and Tim Schigel from Cincinnati based Share This.

I’m really pulling for the Digital Hub Initiative to build some momentum.  This conference should be a great start to establishing Cincinati as a digital hot spot for the future.

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One Response to Digital Hub Initiative brings a “non-conference” conference to Cincinnati

  1. Finn McKenty says:

    this is exciting to see! like you said, there’s no reason cincinnati can’t or shouldn’t be a hotbed of digital marketing just as it’s been for traditional branding and marketing. there is certainly no shortage of marketing expertise in town, and if a few passionate people can get the ball rolling, cool things will happen.

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