PlaceVine Launches The Brand Integration Service

This past Monday, my friends at PlaceVine moved out of Beta to launch their Web-Based Service to connect Marketers to Brand Integration Opportunities in Film, TV, and New Media.  Here is the announcement.  Congrats to both Adam and Greg (the company co-founders).

October 20, 2008.  PlaceVine today announced the conclusion of its successful beta and the general availability of The Brand Integration Service, a networked information service that facilitates brand integration transactions across film, television, and the web.  The company connects content producers that have opportunities for product placement and paid sponsorships, to agencies and brands seeking these opportunities.

Since creative brand integration deals cannot be reduced to “click-to-buy” auctions, PlaceVine is not a transactional platform, but rather an information service and project management tool allowing a growing number of agencies, brands, and producers to efficiently engage in a myriad of brand integration conversations.  PlaceVine’s powerful, easy-to-use online interface delivers new transparency to the brand integration industry, providing both global and upstart brands and agencies access to top opportunities in major motion pictures, independent films, top cable and network television programs, and high-end online content.

Brands & Agencies: A Low-Cost Method to Monitor and Access Integrations Across Film, TV, Web

As the brand integration market has grown to $22.3 billion in 2007 (PQ Media), brands and agencies can no longer rely on just a handful of personal relationships to monitor and access the thousands of brand integration opportunities across film, television, and the web.  As a result, global and upstart brands, major media buying agencies, global public relations firms such as Arnold WorldWide, and agency networks, including MDC Partners use PlaceVine to more efficiently monitor and access these opportunities.

“PlaceVine allows us to further focus our energies on evaluating and shaping high-value opportunities for our clients without diverting internal resources to catalogue every single media opportunity,” said Teddy Lynn, Group Creative Director at Arnold WorldWide.

“The PlaceVine platform simplifies what was once a very labor-intensive and arbitrary process predicated on extensive content relationships.  By leveraging a scalable technology solution, our agencies now have a macro view into the opportunities available for integration of our clients into content,” said Brandon Berger, VP Digital Innovation at MDC Partners.

Content Producers: A New Way to Reduce Production Costs and Monetize Content

Over 150 content producers across film, television, and new media are using PlaceVine to more efficiently connect to the expanding universe of brands and agencies seeking access to brand integration opportunities.  In addition, PlaceVine’s web-based project management tools allow brand integration executives to effectively collaborate with their production counterparts.  “We look forward to working with PlaceVine on this promising new service,” said Susan Safier, VP of Product Placement at FOX Films.

PlaceVine also provides digital studios direct access to the top marketers actively seeking brand integration opportunities.  “Brand integration is a core revenue stream for digital content creators and PlaceVine has proven to be an effective platform for reaching brands and agencies actively seeking opportunities,” said Paul Kontonis, CEO of For Your Imagination.

How to Get PlaceVine

For more information, please visit or call 646-248-6607.

Disclosure: I have provided marketing counsel to PlaceVine and have a small financial interest in the company.

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