Paul Gillin unveils the Secrets of Social Media Marketing

Recently Paul Gillin, the author of The New Influencers, offered up 250 free galley copies of his latest book Secrets of Social Media Marketing.  The book arrived right before we left Arkansas and it turned out to be a great read for the road.  What I loved most was the honesty from Gillin upfront.  As he wrote in the beginning:

This book isn’t intended for the 10% of marketers who are on the leading edge.  It’s for the 90% who are still figuring out how to start.

Along these lines, Paul bluntly calls out the book as a “How To” guide for marketers to get into Social Media.  I think this step by step approach is exactly what most Brand Managers need and it is something that has been missing from most social media books out there.

Now with that in mind, here are my favorite quotes and facts from Secrets of Social Media Marketing:

“Embracing change is the only sure success strategy in a business world that is evolving faster than we have ever known.”

“[Marketers] spent decades refining tactics built around messages…they are now being told messages don’t matter.  They need to become Chief Conversation Officers.”

“It took 40 years for the TV to reach 2/3 of homes in the US.  The Internet did it less than 15 years.”

“47% of marketers cited ‘fear of loss of control’ as an impediment to social media adoption”

“Jupiter Research estimates that $12 billion dollars worth of TV advertising is blown away by TiVo and similar devices in 2007”

“Many marketers measure their importance and influence by the size of their budgets.  Social media campaigns are so cost-efficient that marketers may actually see their budgets – and their status – fall over time.  While this doesn’t make much sense, it is a fact of corporate life.”

And finally, I love this quote from my good friend and fellow P&G’er, Ted McConnell:

“How much control do you give up?  That’s like asking the person holding you up at gunpoint how much money to give them.” @ ad:tech 2006

Needless to say, this book has quickly gone to the top of my must read list for Brand Managers.

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5 Responses to Paul Gillin unveils the Secrets of Social Media Marketing

  1. […] just read on Dave Knox’s blog about a book by a Paul Gillin where there’s a quote that […]

  2. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Despite 15 years in internet experience, it’s still a challenge to retire the Web 1.0 habits that should be shelved and move more fully into 2.0. But now that I’m out of corporate and into a startup, I’ve got to practice more than I preach.

  3. Paul Gillin says:

    Thanks for the nice words and for pulling out the quotes. The McConnell quote is one of my personal favorites, too!

  4. olaito says:

    What agreat and insightful work. A masterpiece from the right source. Even though I have only read the preview.

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