Social THIS! Fantasy Football Week 2

The first week of the Social THIS! Fantasy Football League (#SMFFL) proved to be a rough one.  I had the fortune of being the hard luck loser…scoring the 2nd most points of the week but still losing to Jeremiah Owyang and his Little Birds.  I am hoping to rebound in week 2, which should have some fun “storylines”:

Hard Knox Life vs Dan Cordella’s Munoz Mustache Club:  Yahoo is predicting a coin-flip with both our teams forecasted to put up 91 points.  Hands down the game both of us will be watching is Dallas vs Philly.  In the back field, it will be the battle of the Dallas Cowboy RB’s as I pit Marion Barber against his Felix Jones. Then I have the Dallas Defense going against Brian Westbrook.  Plus I have TO as one of my WR’s.  But the real story is going to be Hurricane Ike since Dan has both Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson.  So far the game has been pushed back from Sunday till Monday.  Rumor is it might be cancelled all together.  I have my fingers crossed.

Mustangs vs The Beasties: Call it the “Battle of Detroit” as Michigan born Craig Daitch goes against new Detroit resident Scott Monty.  The big question of the day is if Monty actually changes his line-up to replace the injured Tom Brady with his back-up Jon Kitna (how very convenient in the Battle of Detroit).  Come on Scott, keep it competitive!

The Team w/ No Name vs LittleBirds:  Current Forrester Analyst Jeremiah Owyang goes against former Forrester Analyst Peter Kim, with Yahoo predicting both teams to put up 93 points.  Pete has all the Dallas players not on my roster with Romo at QB, Crayton at WR and Witten at TE.  LittleBirds meanwhile hopes for lighting to strike twice with Michael Turner and for Randy Moss to catch a few TD’s from Matt Cassel.

(Sidenote: I amazed that Matt Cassel hasn’t started a game since his senior year of high school.  How do you get drafted in the NFL after being a back-up your entire college career.  Yeah he was behind Carson Palmer and Matt Leinert, but seriously.)


3 Responses to Social THIS! Fantasy Football Week 2

  1. Peter Kim says:

    Yikes! Didn’t realize I was so overloaded on Cowboys…thanks for the heads up. Looks like you’re going to get the weather-related benefit.

  2. Dave Knox says:

    Yeah, I dont like the Dallas overload on my team either, especially with Barber being banged up.

  3. Texans eh? As it ends up, I’ll be there next week!

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