Social THIS! Fantasy Football Draft Recap

Disclaimer: Over the next 4 months, football season will cause quite a few non-marketing posts to show up on Hard Knox Life. Hope you don’t mind too much!

“There’s nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you.” Woody Hayes, Legendary Head Coach of Ohio State

The other week, Peter Kim announced that he was pulling together some of the top minds in Social Media & Marketing for a Fantasy Football League called Social THIS!  Luckily for me, Pete was willing to expand the league to 12 teams and let me slip into the fray.  The competition is really a who’s who of blogging (team name/coach):

With games kicking off this coming weekend, we had our draft on Sunday.  Overall, I’m really happy with how my team turned out though the draft did have some interesting moves from my competition.  Here’s my insight / trash talk as we kick off the season:

  • I ran each team through the Football Guys Draft Dominator and Joe Jaffe looks to have the strongest initial team, thanks largely to his drafting of LT with the 2nd pick of the draft.  He should give a big hug to Scott Monty, who with the surprise first pick of the draft, went with Tom Brady – who was a stud last year but in expert leagues has an Average Draft Position (ADP) of 11.3.  Jaffe also stole the best kicker (Nick Folk) in the 9th round…4th kicker taken overall (more on that later…).  He also got a great value with Jay Cutler in the 11th Round.  Cutler is ranked by experts as the 8th best QB this year.
  • I’m feeling good in 2nd position, though my roster has a few too many Cowboys (TO, Marion Barber, Dallas D) and Saints (Brees, Colston) for my liking.  As a loyal Bengals fan, I hate cheering for the NFC.  But I didnt end up with any Steelers or Browns on my team, so at least I have that going for me.  And on the note of the Bengals, I could end up beating myself up for taking Brees instead of Carson Palmer and Colston instead of Ocho Cinco or TJ.
  • Jeremiah has the 3rd best predicted team, but is a study in contrast.  His QB core looks to be the lowest scoring (Garrard and the currently benched Matt Leinart) but he has a stud group of WR’s with two Top 10’s in Randy Moss and TJ “Who’s Your Mama”.  If Marshawn Lynch stays out of trouble with the law and Michael Turner proves his worth out of the shadow of LT, then Jeremiah could be looking at a scary good team.
  • Dan Cordella rounds out the Top 4 predictions with a strong team and possibly the best team name in the league (Munoz Mustache Club).  He has 2 strong RB’s with Brian Westbrook and Willis McGahee and decent WR corp with Andre Johnson, Torry Holt and Roy Williams.

In addition to the surprise pick of Tom Brady #1, here were some of the “interesting” moves made in the draft:

  • Craig Daitch must love his Lions because he picked up Calvin Johnson with the 10th pick in the 1st round and took him as the 1st receiver in the whole draft.  Yes, the 3rd year is usually a big year for WR’s, but Mike Martz is gone and Calvin is the 15th best WR according to most experts.  We’ll see if he puts up bigger numbers than Moss, TO or Reggie Wayne.  Craig also picked up Jason Hanson as his kicker in the 7th round.  Hanson’s ADP is the 18th kicker taken…
  • Scott Monty pulled his 2nd bold move of the draft, going with Adam Vinatieri as the 1st pick in the 3rd Round.  Kickers aren’t usally in the Top 100 picks overall in a draft so a strong move for sure.  Especially considering Vinatieri didn’t make even one kick last year over 40 yards.
  • Adam Cohen had the misfortune of picking up Rudi Johnson, who the Bengals cut from the team that same day.  Rumor has it the Lions are thinking of picking him up though.  Maybe Adam can trade him to Craig to round out his Lions line-up (Craig also got Kevin Smith, the Lions rookie RB)
  • Round 11 was an interesting one.  Scott Monty picked up DeAngelo Williams, a nice handcuff since he picked DeAngelo’s back-up Jonathon Stewart 4 rounds earlier in the 7th.  Laura Fitton however bet on Carolina’s passing game, grabbing Jake Delhomme who many think will have a big bounce-back year.  And Jaffe got what could prove to be his starting QB with the aforementioned Jay Cutler.

It should be a fun league for sure.  Most of my other Fantasy Football leagues are just with friends in Cincinnati.  It will be interesting to follow a league that is so Social Media heavy with trash talk taking place on Twitter and blogs instead of over beers at the local pub.


7 Responses to Social THIS! Fantasy Football Draft Recap

  1. John says:

    You should have visited for some market-based fantasy football drafting theory!

  2. Some of these guys should stick to what they know best as some of the early picks were anything but smart 🙂

  3. […] There’s even a Social Media league in which some of my friends including Joseph Jaffe and David Knox are playing in.  You can read an updae of their draft over at David’s blog. […]

  4. Patrick says:

    Don’t feel bad about picking over your Bengal’s – I’m a Ravens fan and I drafted Santonio Holmes – made me sick to my stomach but I did it – I also think 11 was too low for Brady I took him at 5..I wish Monty was in my league taking kickers in the 3rd round….

  5. Craig Daitch says:

    I couldn’t join a fantasy league without the love/hate masochism that comes with the realities of being a Detroit Lions fan.

    On a side note, the Lions picked up Rudy Johnson this morning. If Detroit has anything that remotely resembles a running game, those wideouts are going to be open, and I don’t know if there’s a corner that can cover a 6’5″ healthy Calvin Johnson.

  6. Dave Knox says:

    Craig – One of my good buddies in college was the same way. Loyal Lions fan and every year he would load up his fantasy team with their players. Every year ended the same way though with him losing his money in the FFL and his real team having another losing season!

    Chances are Rudi becomes a Pro-Bowler now that he is in Detroit. Picking up Jon Kitna worked out pretty well when he left Cincy after all

  7. This is proving to be fun, great analysis on the stats. Two of my buddies, Kevin and Allen are coaching me on players, thank god, as I’m really out of touch with this season.

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