This One Time at BrandCamp

Just about every Brand Manager I know at P&G is a regular reader of Tom FishburneLike Dilbert to engineers, Fishburne is to marketers worldwide.  His sarcastic and witty cartoons bring to life what day to day life is really like for a Brand Manager.  Probably once a week I see a PowerPoint using one of his cartoons to poke fun at how we act in our jobs.

Ironically, despite the fact I have been reading his cartoons for over 5 years, I never took the time to learn about who the man is behind the pen.  Turns out he has been a marketer at General Mills and Nestle, now working at Method Products as their Senior Marketing Director of Europe. 

The Church of the Customer Blog recently posed 10 Questions to Fishburne in promotion for his new book “This One Time at BrandCamp.”  I loved this part of the interview, which just got a spot above my desk as well:

When I was at General Mills and Nestle I tacked this quote over my desk from Doug Hall: “Don’t be afraid to take risks. Corporations have an amazing array of checks, balances, and safety nets to prevent you from hitting the wall at ninety miles an hour. Be bold and brash. Develop a reputation for it.”

If you haven’t read Fishburne before, check out these 4 favorites of mine:


2 Responses to This One Time at BrandCamp

  1. James Walker says:

    Nice one! I’d seen the cartoons, but never really checked fisburne out. I like these guys as well:

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