Stop writing the obituary, Social Media hasn’t killed e-mail

The folks over at ShareThis posted a very interesting chart detailing the “sharing activities” of their users. 


While it may come to a shock to some, e-mail is still king and is used by 35% of ShareThis users when they want to pass along an interesting online article or post.  In fact, e-mail is used the same as the top 6 major Social Media sites combined (Facebook, MySpace, digg,, StumbleUpon & Reddit). 

Lesson to Brand Managers:  Social Media is a rising force in the digital world.  But don’t forget that traditional digital like e-mail is still a very, very big player that isn’t going away soon.

By the way, ShareThis is one of many up and coming Cincinnati based New Media companies.  While Chicago is trying to justify itself as the New Media capital of the world, Cincy needs credit where credit is due for being a major center of the marketing industry.


2 Responses to Stop writing the obituary, Social Media hasn’t killed e-mail

  1. Totally agree. What has changed with respect to e-mail, you need to earn the right to get into someone’s inbox. This isn’t really new but in the past the abuses weren’t as punished as they might be now. Leaning into e-mail means empowering people to leverage the medium. For so many marketers it is about compiling lists and leveraging that list.

  2. All sorts of surveys confirm the above results. One of the strengths of email. which in turn is a weakness of social networks is universal access. You don’t need a “membership” to send or receive emails. Everyone with an email address belongs to THE Network.

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