PR / Influencer Marketing done the right way

Have you heard about the BK Crown Card? Worth its weight in free burgers It is a great example of Public Relations and Influencer Marketing done the right way.  The premise of the program is simple: if you have the card, you get a lifetime of free meals at Burger King.  And with only 12 cardholders in the world, the BK Crown Card is the ultimate “status symbol”…more so than an AMEX Black Card could ever hope to be.

The program has been around since 2006 but recently got a PR bump when Hugh Laurie (star of TV show House) claimed to be a BK Crown Card carrying member.  The key word in that sentence is claimed since unlike Jay Leno, Jennifer Hudson, or Robert Downey Jr, Hugh wasn’t a card member.  But thanks to the PR buzz from his claim, he is now.  Ahh the perks of the rich and famous…


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