A little bit of inspiration every day

Very interesting new site courtesy of Greg Verdino. Ad agency AdmCom dubbed 2008 the Official Year of Creativity and crafted an interesting and entertaining site to give you inspiration on how to think differently about yourself and what you do. The first site is built around fun, graphical business cards that you can send to friends (see mine above).

I love the overal thinking beyond Year of Creativity. In the words of AdmCom:

Year of Creativity – YOC – is designed to stimulate something we all have in common: creativity. It is a starting point from which to explore the amazing potential of small changes and the infinite opportunities they offer. YOC is an invitation to be more curious and more imaginative. It is a catalyst that promotes real and virtual opportunities for us all to discuss and compare our own creativity. It is a space in which the endless personalities inside us can express themselves, as only those who are inwardly creative can also be creative with the world at large.

We all need a little bit of inspriation every day. There are going to be days where you are just feeling drained and wish you could do more than just be a “Brand Manager.” You want the chance to be a difference factor…the chance to be more than just a simple title. Maybe YOC will give you not only the chance to express yourself that way…but also the chance to act that way as well.


One Response to A little bit of inspiration every day

  1. Greg Verdino says:

    “Difference Factory Worker” – you found a good one.

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