A Day in the Life of A Brand Manager – 6/5/2008

Back on Thursday, April 24 I wrote my first Day in the Life of a Brand Manager post. Today seemed like a good day to do the next one in order to show just how different and varied the life of a Brand Manager can be:

Thursday, June 5, 2008:

5:30 AM – The bugle alarm clock sound of the Chumby came way too soon. Early start for a long day ahead. Let the dog out, check the blog real quick and then did a quick workout to wake up.

6:40 AM – At my desk but 10 minutes late for a multi-country conference call on marketing capability. Luckily I’m just playing a listening role and watching the webcast so no one notices.

7:30 AM – Conference call wraps up and time to give my agency a call to go over a couple of pieces of creative from the previous night.

8:00 AM – Leave to drive up to Bentonville for a meeting with Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart Shareholder meeting is in town so we leave early since parking is always difficult up at Wal-Mart Home Office.

9:00 AM – Meeting with Wal-Mart Marketing and Merchandising to talk over a couple of concepts and gain alignment to some up coming work.

10:30 AM – Back in Fayetteville where I’m suppose to have coffee with a talent rep in town for Shareholders. Her plane is delayed so I actually have 30 minutes of time. Make a couple of phone calls and catch up with the guys from ACME Content Company.

11:30 AM – Afternoon is blocked for a five hour meeting with the Metamucil folks in Cincinnati to talk about plans for the next fiscal year. We’re testing out the new Cisco TelePresence system for doing conference calls in different locations. Its my first time trying it out and the thing is very cool. Phone conference calls are something I dred but this new technology makes it so easy….it feels like the other people are in the room despite being hundreds of miles away.

4:15 PM – The conference call finishes up just a little over schedule. Off to my next appointment with my fellow Brand Managers for our weekly marketing meeting.

5:30 PM – Final meeting of the day with my Account Supervisor at Saatchi & Saatchi X. We’re looking over some concepts that we are currently working on. I provide my creative feedback and we agree to look over them again at 1 PM Friday after the creatives spend some time on revisions.

7:00 PM – Finally get home after a 12 hour day at the office. Spend time catching up on reading including the latest issues of Brand Week, Business Week, The Hub and Forbes.

So there it is, another day in the life of a Brand Manager….also known as meeting, after meeting, after meeting.


One Response to A Day in the Life of A Brand Manager – 6/5/2008

  1. Vincent Chan says:

    I love this post, thanks so much!

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