Weezer creates a great homage to Viral

How many of these great moments in Viral/Online video history can you recognize? Stellar video, especially for Geek Marketers/Weezer fans like myself.


3 Responses to Weezer creates a great homage to Viral

  1. El Gaffney says:

    From my experience, most agency creatives hate the idea of co-opting past viral hits to make a new viral hit. I, personally, find if it’s often rewarding to the viewer. Especially in cases that it’s not central to the idea (though it is in this and works), rather a nice (relevant) surprise. Tay is played out, but that Popo Zao had me ROFL.

  2. paul says:

    this is flipping cool… I just love it!!!!!!

    way to find more great stuff and thank you weezer for making me laugh very hard….

  3. dramatic chipmunk afro ninja chris crocker defending britney spears zero wing miss california numa numa evolution of dance chocolate rain daft dancers shoes song peanut butter jelly time banana charlie the unicorn in the backround and guy on the very left misses the cue to put his hands in the air

    fun stuff, def displays the wonderful social networking and pop culture evolution from great band with a low budget and innovative video : )

    rock on,

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