Paid to blog about beer? Talk about a dream job…

So Becks has decided that instead of having a “corporate blogger”, they are going to hire a guy/gal off the street to be their voice.  As they describe on the site:

It Finally Pays to Blog: You live by the blog. You have a way with words that hold people captive. And you don’t shy away from being in the public eye. Then we want you. Give your two cents worth, and we’ll give you a handsome salary and other bright perks. Your name and blogs will be seen by many around the world. Others have 365 days, you have 365 entries in a year. You get to work with Beck’s and a congenial creative team in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You might even relocate to a greener pasture. Sounds too good to be true?  Apply now for a reality check

Personally I love this approach as long as they empower the blogger.  You cant have someone representing your brand unless you: A.) Give them full access, and B.) Don’t put handcuffs on them or censor them.  If Becks is willing to embrace blogging to this degree, they have huge potential in this.  Of course, on the flip side, they face huge backlash from the blogging community if they put too much of a box around this person.  I think the risk is worth it though to open their brand to the world with a real, authentic voice.


2 Responses to Paid to blog about beer? Talk about a dream job…

  1. Finn McKenty says:

    Good analysis- ideally a blog like this doesn’t need to be “managed” because it’s just an externally-facing representation of the company’s culture, assembled by someone who is truly a part of the brand. If it comes off as forced, phony, or inauthentic, they’ve wasted their time.

    The good news is that there are plenty of people who are passionate about beer, and I’m confident they’ll be able to find someone who’s right for this position. It would be trickier if they made ceiling fans or whatever, but even then, I’m willing to bet that there’s someone out there who’s passionate about ceiling fans and could write a compelling blog about them. Anything can be the basis of a strong brand with the right passionate people behind it.

  2. Brian Siegel says:

    It may payoff for the blogger, but like you said, how much does corporate filter/control the context? Like this blog, one can get a bad rep if done poorly

    Wal-Marts attempt at blogging reveals the opportunity to change and rehab one’s approach –

    ps good point on harnessing passion, an example is my ‘Cart Corralling’ facebook group, where it started as a joke, then I analyzed grocery carts bum wheels, cost from theft, dimensions, innovations, etc. too funny, ha

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