Is it good or bad to be blogging daily?

Ever since I started up Hard Knox Life, I’ve been trying to write a post every day, or at least every work day.  I haven’t quite reached that goal, having posted 38 out of 61 days so far.  But ironically I have done 61 total posts in those 61 days so at least I have that going for me.  I was feeling pretty good about that until I came across an interesting post on the Pandemic Blog about the “negative effects of daily blog posting.”  These negatives were:Daily posts mean hasty readers.

  1. Daily posts mean low quality.
  2. Daily posts mean fewer subscribers.
  3. Daily posts mean fewer comments.
  4. Daily posts mean pressure.
  5. Daily posts don’t guarantee success.

So what do you think?  Are daily posts a good thing?  Or do they cause you to read this blog less frequently and comment less often? 


5 Responses to Is it good or bad to be blogging daily?

  1. Finn McKenty says:

    I agree with the above points. I personally recently decided to post only once or twice a week, and try to keep it high quality when I do for those reasons.

    For those of us that read a lot of blogs (I’m sure you do too), it can be hard to keep up with blogs that update every day. I end up either not clicking on their feed until dozens of posts have piled up (in which case I just skim them), or worse, unsubscribe because I don’t have time to read all the content. Your content is excellent, so I would hate to miss out on it because I felt rushed.

  2. robojiannis says:

    I totally agree with Finn. I see how I read the big blogs and I scan their headers in my RSS Feed very fast. The more posts, the faster I scan.
    In the end I unsubscribed.

  3. Greg March says:

    The best thing I can here from someone is, “haven’t posted in a while”. It means they are really paying attention and getting value. I only post when I feel I have something useful to say and that’s certainly not everyday. I don’t have that, but I assume its different for everybody.

    My suggestion: if your “trying” to knock out a post to maintain a pace, just punt. Keep reading and thinking, something will happen eventually.

  4. Dave Knox says:

    All – appreciate the feedback. Glad to hear that people echo the dangers of posting too much and too often. I’m unsubscribed from other blogs for just those same reasons. Thanks again

  5. Sean Howard says:

    I’m clearly in the “never posting daily” camp myself so that likely biases my opinion.

    Blogs that post more than once a day (aggregates generally) quickly get removed from my list regardless of the quality because I can’t stand having hundreds and hundreds of unread posts to skim through in my reader.

    I think that quality and insight are far more important than frequency. That insight can be on the simplest of things, just about yourself or even about the industry.

    Reality is that this is a conversation. Is your post adding to the conversation or a good convo starter?

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