Is your WeeMee going to Prom?

The guys over at TechCrunch picked up on a fun little social media experiment that I’m running with a social networking site called WeeWorld. If you haven’t heard of WeeWorld (and their other site WeeMee), it is an avatar focused social networking site that, according to comScore, “reports 100 million page views in March 2008 on 1 million uniques.” The “test & learn” I have up is centered around Prom and giving teens the opportunity to accessorize with our brands like Cover Girl, Herbal Essences and others. The media on the site ultimately drives teens back to the brand page we have up on that includes a Prom Prep Checklist. Check it out for yourself and find the perfect Prom look for your WeeMee.

You can see me decked out in a Prom tux below (ignore my Lab Wilson in the pic…he’s there as my usual WeeMee accessory):


One Response to Is your WeeMee going to Prom?

  1. Cindy says:

    ummm….you forgot your prom date 😀

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