HELLO, My Name is…

This weekend reminded me of one of the reasons I love blogs (and the Internet in general):  You can rediscover old friends who are doing amazing things.

As I was catching up on my RSS feeds, I came across Andy Sernovitz’s post on Scott Ginsberg.  If you haven’t heard about Scott, he is the Nametag guy..the only person in the world he wears a nametag 24-7.  He’s been wearing a name tag every day for the past 2,728 days (almost seven and a half years).   Scott is also an old classmate of mine from Miami University.  In fact, he started wearing his name tag shortly before he and I worked on a project together in a Computer Science class.  Back then, I had no clue if Scott would keep going with the nametag thing, but I did know he would go on to great things because he knew people.  He was the king of approachability and wearing a nametag was a tool he used to make people comfortable.

Scott has managed to turn this simple idea into a career as an author of 7 books, a public speaker, columnist and media expert.  I tell you, it feels great to see a good guy succeed at doing something he loves.


3 Responses to HELLO, My Name is…

  1. Dave —

    Thanks for linking to the post. I’m a huge Scott fan and love to spread the word about him!



  2. Dave Knox! What’s up dude? Nice to hear from ya. Sweet blog. Thanks for the link love.

    Remember Dan Davidson’s class? Remember our marketing project about some up-and-coming singer/songwriter named “John Mayer”?

    Ah, those were the days.

    Rock on

  3. paul says:

    I love this world when you can do something like this and make it a business.

    Rock on Scott!!

    Thanks Dave for another brilliant find.


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