Yet another area the US is falling behind in

A new global study on social media use by Universall McCann shows the US is falling behind in participation rates.  A couple of highlights directly from AdWeek:

  • A little over 60 percent of Internet users in the U.S. said they read blogs, but just 26 percent had created one, compared to over 70 percent of Internet users who blog in South Korea and China.
  • Consumers in Asian countries are also much more likely to read blogs: 92 percent of South Koreans and 90 percent read them. In China, 88 percent read blogs
  • While 30 percent said they watched video online in UM’s initial survey in September 2006, over 80 percent said they had this year.
  • Less than 30 percent of respondents said they set up a social network profile in 2006; over 60 percent did two years later.
  • Social networking is still growing worldwide, but is reaching a “saturation point” in the U.S., while countries like the Philippines, Brazil and Mexico more avidly use it.  The Philippines, Hungary, Poland and Mexico all boast participation rates over 75 percent, while just 43 percent have joined social networks in the U.S

UPDATE: I finally found the presentation for sharing since the AdWeek link is down


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