Gen Y By Any Other Name…

So it looks like a group of my generational peers are fed up with all the names being used to describe us and are pushing for a new description, The Splinter Generation.  As they describe it:

Our generation has been called Generation Me, Generation Y, the Google Generation, Generation DotNet, and Generation 9-11 … the list goes on forever. But none of these names seem to fit. Sure, we use the internet; yes, 9-11 was a formative political experience; true, the letter Y comes after the letter X. But we, the editors, argue that these names don’t sufficiently capture who we are as a group. They don’t capture who we are as a generation.

I love the concept.  My age group is an age group of niches.  Sure we have commonalities like technology or major events like 9-11, but I think we are a lot closer to the description of the Splinter Generation – “Our generation is split into a million different cultures and subcultures, whether they are religious, musical, literary, racial, class-based or consumer-based”.  So what do you think?  Could this thing have legs?  Is Splinter Generation a good description?


2 Responses to Gen Y By Any Other Name…

  1. El Gaffney says:

    I don’t know how as members of “this” generation, they didn’t see an issue with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles overlap. That show was too pop culturally relevant to be ignored, trumped or leveraged. Sure, Master Splinter was awesome (had diverse background, skills and interests – reggae for example) but this name’s originality/”legs” is hampered by the connection.

  2. Garrett D'Ottavio says:

    I think splinter generation is a great description–people want to be their own individual. Many markets depict this, including the shoe industry. NikeID is definitely a result of the attitudes within the generation. Pick your color, use your initials, wear a shoe no one else has. Style has become more defined by the individual. Differentiation has become a priority: after-market car accessories, creative adhesive skins for laptops, even nalgene water bottles on any college campus are wallpapered with stickers defining past destinations, adored brands, etc.. Though we have a basis of commonalities, our generation is one that ‘splinters’ in all different directions.

    Excellent topic choice!

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