Weekly Round-Up: 4-10-2008

Sorry I’ve been a bit slow with the postings this week.  I have a major presentation today but wanted to get a post out amongst the prep.  Here are the postings that caught my eye this week:

  • Ian Schafer “How I Use Twitter”:  I was negative on Twitter for a long time but Ian sums up graphically why I have jumped on the bandwagon.  As he says, “[Twitter is an] efficient way to be notified of news, help out colleagues, network, and generally have intelligent, and believe it or not, intellectual conversations.”
  • David Armano “The Conversation Economy”:  Armano’s poses an interesting question…has the conversation economy moved?  Sitting in the halls of P&G, I will tell you that I think it is just beginning and big brands are just now starting to wake up to that fact.
  • Fred Wilson “The Hidden Return of Online Advertising”:  Fred points to a new comScore study that says online ads have a bigger impact for retailer’s offline sales than they do for their online says.  Interesting….
  • Why do users flock to social network sites?:  Interesting study from IBM that summarizes why users go on social networking sites.  The breakdown is 53% Purely Social, 38% Professional, and 9% Brand Kinship.  The 9% shocks me.  What do you think?
  • New TV shows coming to Xbox 360:  I love this quote from Mitch on Six Pixels of Seperation, “Traditional Marketers sit and stare at the changes taking place in the Marketing world. Here’s the raw truth: they think it’s just a fad. ”  He writes this in article about veteran Hollywood Producer Peter Safran announcing he would create original TV content for Xbox 360.
  • CollegeHumor’s Secret to Success…T-Shirts:  While the guys at CollegeHumor are media moguls with a hot website and an upcoming MTV show, one of their unknown secrets of success is that they are also fashion moguls.  Their website Busted Tees sells ~30,000 shirts a month and rivals better known Threadless.com.

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