The birth of a blog

“It’s clear this conversation ain’t’ doing a thing, Cause these boys only listen to me when i sing” – Sara Bareilles, City

Over at Conversation Agent, Valeria Maltoni gives a great post of “how a blog is born“.  By giving a peak into how she views her “job” of blogging, she really helps all of us that are trying to do the same thing.  I particularly love when she writes “I am talking about connection vs. transaction.”  Everyone that is deeply involved in social media gets that is about conversations and connections.  Its not just about pushing out news (that would be the purpose of CNN) and it’s not about just giving an opinion and leaving it at that.  The job is engaging with your peers, starting a conversation and seeing where things go.  At least that is what I am trying to do here on Hard Knox Life.  How do you think I am doing?


2 Responses to The birth of a blog

  1. Thank you for reading and for linking, Dave. How do you feel you’re doing? Sometimes to engage readers, especially in the beginning, I found it helpful to start the conversation in the post, just like I did for “how a blog is born”. The idea is to offer more thoughts to respond to from a content standpoint. It is easier to talk about issues and tips.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Dave Knox says:

    Valeria…thank you for the response. I think I am starting to make inroads with the posts. My goal has been to at least get a post up each day and respond to comments immediately. Hopefully I living up to that promise. Thanks for the suggestion on starting the conversation in the post. I’ll give it a shot!

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