Future Department – The Next Issue

Just finished reading the The Next Issue and it was filled with some truly great quotes.  If you aren’t familiar with The Next Issue, it is a new monthly magazine put out by the Future Department.  The magazine includes some killer commentary from thoughtleaders in a variety of industries.  Here are a couple of my favorite quotes that really echo what the industry is facing (more after the break):

“Creating traditional advertising was easy.  You were doing the same thing over and over again.  Now, if you’re doing it right, you’re making it up fresh each time.  And the mix of skills you work with changes every time.” – Vinny Warren, The Escape Pod

“Challenges: Finding people naive enough not to be afraid; Finding other experienced enough not to screw it up; Finding people who know what questions to ask; Finding others who know what questions not to answer; Finding time offline to think; Finding time online to explore.” – Malcolm Poynton, Ogilivy

“Some organizations are racing to adapt, acquire, and ascend into digital and new media as quickly as possible, yet others think they’ve cracked it all.  If we cut through a lot of the talk, the one truth is that we live in a time of constant change.  Moore’s Law doesn’t even cut it.  And with change comes uncertainty and unpredicatability, which means we’re going to make mistakes as we go and no one can solve or “crack it all.” – Hashem Bajwa, Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners

“Brand: What has evolved from being an effort at conveying information, consistency, experience and lifestyle is actually giving way to something much bigger; Establishing a reputation.” – Eduardo Braniff, Imagination

“This is a future where brands will need to learn and understand that they will have to earn a place in consumers’ minds.  And the way of doing that is not by yelling or expecting consumers to show up…and accept any brand message….We need to be subservient to the consumer…future marketing is about helping them improve their lives in a brand-relevant context.” – Lars Bastholm, AKQA


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