Wired – “Rise of the Instapreneur”

Right after I posted about Etsy supporting handmade entrepreneurs, I came across an article on Instapreneurs in this month’s Wired. The article points to several new sites that allow aspiring designers to sell their wares without worrying about manufacturing, selling or even fulfillment.  Basically they allow the creation of instant businesses based on nothing more than a design.  Zazzle features “a dizzying array of user-designed products from posters to tennis shoes”, StyleShake is for custom-clothing, and Spreadshirt is for individual t-shirt shops.  Sites like these are removing the traditional barriers to entry and in the process taking away the competitive advantage of large manufacturers and retailers.  It will be interesting to see how these play out and if they can traction like Threadless or CafePress


2 Responses to Wired – “Rise of the Instapreneur”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for mentioning Spreadshirt. I am a huge fan of Etsy too. I have never seen StyleShake. I have added your blog to my RSS reader.


  2. […] came across this blog because the author wrote a nice post that mentions Spreadshirt.  Hard Knox Life is a blog by Dave Knox who is a brand manager at […]

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