Godin – why bother having a resume?

Catching up on my RSS reading after the weekend in Chicago and I came across a pretty interesting posting that Seth Godin made about resumes.  In typical Godin fashion, he makes the thought-provoking statement “you probably shouldn’t have a resume at all.”  Of course, what Seth was really stating is that if you are “remarkable, amazing, or just plain spectacular” you shouldn’t need a resume.  In other words, if you have the skills, your actions and reputation are going to speak louder than any words you can put on paper.

 Frankly I think Godin is dead on with this one and it applies to professionals at all levels of their career.  When you are a newly minted college grad, your resume isnt going to say much.  Sure it will show your school and the activities you were involved with but any job application is probably going to show those as well.  A resume will not show the skills that are most important for new graduates, especially those skills that will help a recent grad excel in the new world of marketing.  It won’t show your passion, it wont show your ability to connect dots, and it probably wont show your power of agility in a constantly changing world.  Likewise is you are a professional with 5, 10 or 15 years experience, your reputation is hopefully more powerful than your resume.  If you are a rock-star, then there should be plenty of people out there willing to vouch for you and your abilities.  And your reputation has likely been cemented because of the public face your put forward on your blog or other forum.  After all, great talent doesnt stay in the box that is outlined for them.

Controversial thinking for sure but the man has a point.


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