Weekly Round-Up 3-13-2008

I spent the week clearing out my RSS Reader after saving way too many posts. However, I can across a few oldies but goodies that I wanted to share.

  • PSFK – The Problem with the Trends (Business): Over at PSFK, Piers set off quite the debate with this post about the problem with the Trends Business. In his opinion, “It’s broken by lack of imagination, lack of collaboration and secrecy.” Piers touched off a great debate and the comments are just as good as the original post.
  • Nike Looks Under the Radar: This story in the Wall Street Journal inspired one of the slides in my upcoming IEG Presentation. It also reinforced two of my core beliefs in marketing….1.) We all need to be Cultural Anthropologists, and 2.) Networking will define the next generation of marketers. More about that in some future posts.
  • Fred Wilson’s Summary of Start-Up Advice Weekend: I just started reading A VC, the personal blog of Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures, but I have already found it to be hugely useful. Of course I would one day love to be involved with a start-up so these tips are great.
  • Why Is Twitter Exploding?: I honestly can’t figure out Twitter yet but Armano does a great job of making the case, especially with his included diagrams. Check it out….and I’d love to hear if you think Twitter will expand beyond its current passionate user base.
  • A 21st Century Magnifying Glass: I just think this concept is incredibly cool.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for this type of stuff.

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