Nike – There are no Cinderella stories

I just saw this great new spot by Nike called Clocktower that is for their latest Jordan launch.  It never ceases to amaze me how Nike continiously nails the emotional feeling of an athlete.  The insight that Cinderella stories don’t happen without hard work is dead on.  And even better, the spot connects with true fans who recognize the significance of snapshots like the practice football play being run on the Boise State field.  Brilliant yet again.


2 Responses to Nike – There are no Cinderella stories

  1. ben coronado says:

    the three amazing plays by Boise State that still remain in the collective minds of many sports fans, were calculated and run with precise timing and execution. That comes, not by chance but by hard work and daily grind so that when small windows open the opportunity is met by sound preparation.
    Good Call.

  2. […] When I think about my favorite Nike advertising, plenty of greats spots come to mind ranging from There Are No Cinderellas to Jaffe’s Tiger Did It to Jordan’s XXI.  They are amazing inspiration about […]

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