Brands I Love: Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drink Smoothies

Is it a sign that you have a problem when you love a brand, but have never actually tried the product? Because if so, I should probably be committed for the respect I have for innocent drinks, a line of fruit smoothies/juices d that you can only get in Europe (for now). In my eyes, innocent is a stellar example of creating a Lovemark and examplifies why I love to be in marketing.

So what are the lessons of innocent that have made me such a believer?

  1. Have a simple Brand Promise and deliver on it every day: Innocent makes a simple promise to consumers about their products: “We call them innocent because our drinks are always completely pure, fresh and unadulterated. Anything you ever find in an innocent bottle will always be 100% natural and delicious -and if it isn’t, get on the banana phone and make us beg for forgiveness.” You know what you are getting…and you know what to do if you don’t.
  2. Remember that ethics matter more today than ever before: Innocent wears their beliefs on their sleeves for all to see. Even more refreshing is that they admit their faults. Right on their website they have the guts to write “We sure aren’t perfect, but we’re trying to do the right thing.” When is the last your brand, your company or even yourself had the courage to say that!
  3. If you have a great story, share it with the world: By nature, human beings are story tellers. We love feeling like we have the inside track on something and we use stories as the basis of all communication. If a brand has a great story, they need to make sure consumers know it. It gives them social collateral to tell your brand story for you. For instance, the innocent story goes like this: “In the summer of 1998 when we had developed our first smoothie recipes but were still nervous about giving up our proper jobs, we bought £500 worth of fruit, turned it into smoothies and sold them from a stall at a little music festival in London. We put up a big sign saying ‘Do you think we should give up our jobs to make these smoothies?’ and put out a bin saying ‘YES’ and a bin saying ‘NO’ and asked people to put the empty bottle in the right bin. At the end of the weekend the ‘YES’ bin was full so we went in the next day and resigned.
  4. Don’t just market…start conversations: Is the objective of your advertising ever to get people talking? I’m talking Buzz Marketing or Word-of-Mouth Marketing…I’m talking something so remarkable that the Average Joe on the street wants to tell someone about it the second they see it. That is what innocent accomplishes with everything they do. Imagine if you saw one of their Grass Vans or Cow Vans on the street? You’d turn to the stranger next to you and ask “what the hell is that thing.” And then you’d tell your friends when you saw them that night.
  5. And just as important, have a sense of humor: Everyone loves a funny guy. And everyone loves a brand that adds a little fun to every day life. Innocent shows that they are a fun brand and a fun place to work. How can you not love a brand that knits little hats to keep their smoothies warm in teh winter.

One Response to Brands I Love: Innocent Drinks

  1. paul says:

    I just love this brand…. I have loved them since the day they started and have followed them ever since. There website and job descriptions are just brilliant. I would buy or distribute this brand in a heartbeat…. I have even talked to kraft about them buying the brand or distribution to create more legitimate presence for them….

    too slow of copy…..

    Love the blog…. you capture my thoughts on paper better than I ever could…. keep it up.

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