Weekly Round-Up 3-6-2008

I am heading off to Las Vegas for a couple of business meetings.  Since I am not sure how much access I will have when it comes to blogging, I wanted to send out my weekly round-up a bit early.  Here’s what caught my eye this:

  • Interactive Marketing in Politics – 10 Takeaways: My friend (and former Mt Adams neighbor) Pete Blackshaw had a great summary of his takeaways from how politicians are using the Net in the Primaries.   Of the 10 he listed, I most connected with the idea of “engage, enroll, and participate”.   Consumers today are action oriented (and politics are so by their very nature) so it is key to actively engage consumers.  All the candidates this year have done an amazing job of giving consumers the tools to engage….brands could learn something from this.
  • Netflix Prize – Getting close to a winner:  The Challenge Dividend gives an update on the Netflix Prize, where the company is offering a prize of $1 million dollars to anyone that can improve their member movie recommendations by 10%.   So far the closest someone has gotten is 8.82%.  Think you can do better?  Well then try your hand at Crowdsourcing and see what happens.
  • In-game ad spending will hit $650 million by 2012 – eMarketer :  Ads in videogames will increase from $295 million in 2007 to $650 million in 2012.  With predictions like that, it sounds like Microsoft made the right move buying Massive to enter that market.

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