Mobile Advertising is Rising

John Hadl over at Brand In Hand (a great mobile consulting company), just sent me the following from a new Nielsen report.

While 23 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers say they’ve been exposed to mobile advertising initiatives in the past 30 days, 51 percent who recall ad exposure said they responded to the ad in some way, according to a new study released by consumer research firm The Nielsen Company. The bi-annual Mobile Advertising Report from Nielsen Mobile notes that the number of data users who recalled seeing mobile advertising grew sharply between the second and fourth quarters of 2007, increasing 38 percent from 42 to 58 million subscribers.

Various industry experts have been predicting the “year of mobile advertising” for awhile now, but I think we are finally getting closer.  With the launch of the iPhone and others last year, I really feel that consumers are finally starting to see that their cell phone can be about more than just calls and texting.  This will only continue to rise this year and by late 2008 (but more likely 2009), we will finally start seeing mobile advertising hit it stride with some real best in class examples. 


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