Finding my voice, finding myself

I can name the people i know that don’t know themselves” – Rip Off, Ryan Adams

It’s been one week since I jumped back into the world of blogging and so far everything seems to be going okay.  I honestly didnt realize how much I missed having the outlet of a blog until I started up again.  It really is a chance to spill all those thoughts that build up every day….a way to energize your creative juices.  I think the biggest challenge has been finding my voice so far.  Some posts I think I nailed…other ones I dont even know where my head was.  But that is the great journey that blogging allows, the chance to get to know yourself and share that person with the world.  Its a pretty damn cool experience I have to say.  So with that, for the few of you that have found this site so far, I hope you are enjoying it.  Please keep me honest, call me out when you disagree (or agree) with something and hopefully we will all learn a little bit along the way.


One Response to Finding my voice, finding myself

  1. orzali says:

    Great quote from a good song on a great album.

    Self reflection is an absolute must. No matter what your method is…. The only way to grow is to know who you are and try to understand where you’re going, and be true.

    I’m a firm believer of this….

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