Missing the little things

As I was going through my morning blogs, I came across a week old post by Bob Gilbreath at The Challenge Dividend entitled Life Lessons from Tony the Barber.  For anyone that has spent time at P&G, they know Tony as the barber who has a shop downstairs at the Central Building.  The man is an institution in Cincinnati and probably knows more about the movers and shakers of the town and P&G than anyone else.  But none of that really matters to Tony.  He’s the type of guy that is quick with a smile and handshake.  He treats everyone the same, whether that person is a former CEO or a new 22 year-old Assistant Brand Manager fresh out of college (that would be me).  A trip to Tony was always a great break in my day and after a discussion on bocce ball or the Bengals, I was always ready to head back to work recharged.  Now that I’m down in Arkansas, I’ve realized how much that little monthly break meant to me.  Funny how it is the seemingly little things about a place that matter the most.


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