Time to start anew

Well it has been over 2 years since I stopped posting over at Second Law Marketing but the time has come to start anew. First let me start with some background. I stopped writing Second Law for a couple of reasons, but the most significant was the conflict with my day job. At the time, Procter & Gamble was still trying to figure out our place in the blogosphere and we had yet to decide on a policy for personal blogs. This was not really an issue until a few people in the media found my little spot on the Web and decided to draw comparisons between the person and the company. Since I was actually on the internal team working on our blogging policy, I thought it would be in my professional interest to retire my blogging for awhile and find other creative outlets.

Now that the blogosphere is legitimate media and policies are a little clearer, I have decided to get back into the game with Hard Knox Life: A Brand Manager Blog. Let me be upfront that the discussions and viewpoints of this site are not a reflection of Procter & Gamble or my current position. Instead, they are merely the thoughts and ramblings of a marketer, who just happens to be employed by the world’s largest marketer. In these pages I will be talking about the latest trends in marketing, technology and society. Much of the writings will be focused on youth marketing since that is where most of my experience lies. My goal is to post at least once a day, but at minimum I am aiming for a handful of posts a week. Along the way, I hope to spur some great discussion, a little debate, and a whole lot of fun. After all, it’s a hard knox life…


3 Responses to Time to start anew

  1. BobG says:

    Welcome back, Dave! I was excited to see you in the blogosphere two years ago and wondered when you would be back.

  2. debs says:

    welcome [back] to the blogosphere – look forward to meeting you F2F next time I am in Cinci

  3. Brian Siegel says:

    Great to have you back! Great subjects, focus, and context! I too was in a similar situation as you were with P&G, but with GE (worked with PR leaders regarding blogging, and realized how random folks in the media discover these posts, and how it can affect business – gotta love Web 2.0 and how we’re shaping cyberspace with simple bloggins…).

    Companies are struggling on how to maintain their integrity, but allow employees to connect with our “Information Age” (and rightfully so, it’s a company with many ‘working parts’ and a reputation to maintain), and not injure their image. It’s a fine line, and the identity is so nebulous that I am curious to see what direction it goes. Regardless, you write well, and provide interesting info, so keep up the great work!

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